The Trip

Inspired by a camping trip in the woods of West Virginia's Monongahela National Forest, The Trip tells the story of Steven and Veronica, a newlywed couple getting away from the city to see the mountains.

It's the off season and the tourists have mostly packed it in. The campground is quiet and the trails are clear. Just what they wanted. 

When they cross paths with Johnnya local teen with a monstrous pickup and a killer smilehowever, things turn deadly.

The Trip was a passion project that took me nearly two years of tripping, stumbling, shelving, dusting off, and, finally, finishing that I'm really proud of. 

It's an intense horror thriller that has blood nearly dripping from the pages. Please, take a journey into the dark of the woods and check it out!

"Very cinematic, very unsettling, will never camp again. Well done!" - A.T.